This is me!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Kenzie for those that don't know and I decided to start this for a number of reasons. The most important one is it's so calming! It reduces my stress and relieves my anxiety. Also, I wanted to share my love for Jesus, cats, pineapples, my boy, family, organization, makeup, and… Continue reading This is me!


October Favorites

What's up guys! Welcome back.. So tonight's post as you can tell by the title.. is going to be my faves for the month of October. If you saw my October spread in my bujo post, (October Bullet Journal Spreads) you'll notice that I made a page for my favorites.. And it being the 30th of… Continue reading October Favorites

Bullet Journal

November Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! I finished setting up my November spread in my bullet journal and although it doesn't compare to my October one, I'm still excited to share it with you! November Title Page  Calendar & Quote of the Month Daily thanks & Mood Tracker Doodles & Habit Tracker Another doodle page & Monthly Favorites  (I… Continue reading November Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

October Bullet Journal Recap!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for being inactive lately... I have been super busy with a two new jobs, a vacation, and college. But I've gotten my life back together and am ready to post on my blog again! So I decided to come back with a recap on my October spread of my bullet… Continue reading October Bullet Journal Recap!


Jumpstart Fall & Winter with these Fall/Winter Date Ideas!

Hello everyone and welcome back! First, I wanted to start by thanking all of you for visiting my blog. All the love and support I have been getting on my past few posts has been incredible, so thank YOU!! Now for the Ultimate list of Fall & Winter Date Ideas!!! Fall: Decorate for Halloween! Escape… Continue reading Jumpstart Fall & Winter with these Fall/Winter Date Ideas!


My Monthly Makeup Favorites (OCTOBER ’18)

Hello everyone & welcome back! If you're new here, welcome! Want to find out more about me? Go check out my "This is Me" post! If you haven't already, give my blog a follow! I'm happy you're here (: So today's post is going to be about MAKEUP! Yay, one of my favorite things.. I… Continue reading My Monthly Makeup Favorites (OCTOBER ’18)


The Ultimate Guide to Binge-Watching Netflix

Welcome back!! So, you may be wondering... how can there be a "guide" to binge-watching Netflix, or anything for that matter. "Don't you just... watch... continuously?" Yes! But something I've learned in life is to ALWAYS have a plan. No matter what it is, always have a plan especially if you're anxiety-prone like me. Anyways,… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Binge-Watching Netflix

Bullet Journal

October Bullet Journal Spreads

Hey everyone & welcome back to the newest update to my bullet journal! This excerpt is going to be all about Fall, Halloween, & October. Super exciting.. I know. So below, I will attach multiple pictures of all the different pages I decided to add to the month of October in my bujo. If you… Continue reading October Bullet Journal Spreads